And so do you, and so do you, and…

A judge in Montana has ruled that suspects with Multiple Personality Disorder need to have their Miranda rights read separately to each personality. Still, it may not matter. A case before the Supreme Court concerns a man who was riding his bike through a field where police were questioning someone suspected of selling drugs. Police ordered the man, Oliviero Martinez, to stop. When one cop found Martinez had a small knife used for cutting strawberries in a sheath on his belt, he decided to wrestle him to the ground.

That’s “Mr Ass” to you

Legal news: REUTERS: Jack Ass says “Jackass” has given him a bad name. A Montana man who legally changed his name to “Jack Ass” in 1997 has sued media giant Viacom Inc., claiming its stunt-heavy, gross-out TV show and movie “Jackass” had defamed his character. In a suit filed in November in Montana and posted this week on a legal Web site, Jack Ass, who said he changed his name to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and responsible choices, claimed Viacom was “liable for injury to my reputation that I have built and defamation of my character which I have worked so hard to create.

Can Blue Men Sing The Whites?

Stan Jones, Libertarian candidate for Montana, is blue. Literally. He turned his skin blue by drinking colloidal silver, which he believed would protect him against the diseases which would undoubtedly ravage the planet following the Y2K disaster. No word yet on whether his hat is lined with tinfoil.