Katrina and the waves

So it’s a total disaster in New Orleans. Three levees are breached, one of them has a hole over 150 meters across. 80% of the city is under water up to 6 meters deep. The entire city is without electrical power or water supply. It’s estimated that it will be 9–12 weeks before they can even get rid of the water, much less get the city habitable. Interstate 10 is broken chunks of floating concrete; there’s no route into the city for trucks and other major vehicles.

Pacific Northwest movie edit

After spending most of the day editing, I’ve finally completed the final cut of our 1998 movies from the Pacific Northwest—Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver BC, plus Mount Rainier. It’s in four pieces, which should fit nicely on one DVD. The previous edit wasn’t much of an edit at all. It was done with a PowerMac 8500, an 8mm camcorder, and a VCR. I did it by connecting the camcorder video straight to the VCR, but splicing the audio through the Mac first.


If you’ve played the game Riven, you might recognize this image as the view from the crater towards Gehn’s laboratory. Except that it isn’t; it’s pipework from a hydroelectric plant near Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State. One of the interesting things about wandering the woodlands and mountains near Seattle was noticing just how much the whole area resembles the game. The wooden walkways through the woods were so Myst-like, I expected to see strange corroded metal machines.