No Champagne, thanks

One of the developers to pull their app from the Firefox web app store has this to say: I met with Brendan and asked him to just apologize for the discrimination under the law that we faced. He can still keep his personal beliefs, but I wanted him to recognize that we faced real issues with immigration and say that he never intended to cause people problems. It’s heartbreaking to us that he was unwilling to say even that.

Mozilla selects new CTO

The Mozilla Organization today sought to provide further support to beleaguered CEO Brendan Eich, who has been facing criticism over his donation of $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 campaign to ban same-sex marriage. Mozilla announced that Eich will now be joined by a new Chief Technical Officer, the rotting corpse of Fred Phelps. “Yes, technically he’s dead,” admitted Mozilla HR director Ian Competenza, “But that means his offensive actions are all in the past, and must therefore be forgotten.

Why did they ruin Thunderbird?

On trying to use Thunderbird 15: That tab bar is a terrible waste of space, especially for anyone using Thunderbird in 3-pane mode. There’s an option to turn the tab bar off unless it’s actually needed, but for some reason there’s no UI to turn on that option. It’s slow. Really slow. I mean, I thought Apple Mail was slow, then I tried Thunderbird 15. Sending e-mail seems to take an eternity.

Living with Firefox, 2004-2010

Well, it’s been a mostly enjoyable 5 or so years, but I’ve just ditched Firefox. Back in the mid 90s I heard rumors from Netscape people that their browser code was a barely maintainable mess. Apparently jwz didn’t believe in object-orientation, threads, or unit tests. Still, he thinks the code was fine until Collabra employees got their hands on it, and tried to turn the browser into a groupware suite.


Yay! Mozilla now has a native OS X UI. It’s still kinda ugly in places (noteably the buttons top right), but it’s Aqua enough that I can stand to switch from IE at home. Windows 2000 was better behaved today. It didn’t flake out until around 16:30, when IS helpfully set things up so I could log in to the domain at work. When I logged in, EXPLORER.EXE would crash with some horrible error, and the desktop would fail to appear.

Browser update

Downloaded Mozilla 0.9.8. It now has support for some Mac OS X native user interface elements, so it looks slightly less crappy. However, it crashed within the first couple of minutes of using it. Downloaded iCab X latest preview release. Doesn’t render my home page correctly; apparently the CSS support is lacking. OmniWeb has a lovely interface, but also lacks proper CSS support. Oh well, looks like I’m stuck with Internet Explorer for now.