Microsoft dream

I had this dream that Microsoft bought the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, and re-launched them as The Encarta Museum. We went, to see how bad it would be, and laughed at the mis-spellings and other errors until we were identified as enemies of Microsoft and the museum security squads were sent to terminate us. That wasn’t the interesting bit. No, the interesting part was that the dream wasn’t finished, so parts of the escape sequence were still just pencil-test animations.

Spam Town USA

Today we went to Austin, MN to visit the new SPAM Museum. From the amazing display of thousands of cans of SPAM in the lobby, to the videos of the July SPAM Fest, to the SPAM gift shop, it is truly an amazing experience. The sight of spam frying reminded me of when I used to eat the stuff, as a kid many years ago. I almost wish they made a vegetarian SPAM, and I must admit if I see little bits of SPAM being served I’ll be tempted to try one just to see if it brings back any memories.