Rachel Dolezal

So, about that whole Rachel Dolezal thing… 1. Her parents were quoted as saying “Our daughter is primarily German and Czech and of European descent.” They themselves have white skin, and they have photos of her showing that she had white skin. Well, that proves nothing. Craig Cobb also looked totally caucasian, and was a white supremacist too — but hilariously, it turned out he was 14 percent African heritage. (There’s video of him finding out, if you want to enjoy some schadenfreude.

No trick too dirty, continued

“Unfortunately, independent efforts by the NAACP, America Coming Together, John Kerry for President and the Capri Cafaro for Congress campaign have been illegally registering people to vote and apply for absentee ballots. […] Please be advised that if you were registered in this capacity that you will not be able to vote until the next election.” —Text from fraudulent letter sent to Ohio Democratic voters