i c

I just learned that IBM has renamed OS/400 again. It was called i5/OS last year, but this year they renamed it… i Yes, the letter ‘i’ in lower-case. IBM i. Fabulous! That’s going to be really great for searching for information, isn’t it? Hardly any web pages contain the letter ‘i’ on its own, or sentence bridges like “…I downloaded the patch from IBM. I then…” It’ll work especially well in IBM Lotus Notes, where searches are case-insensitive and punctuation-insensitive unless you reindex the entire database with non-default settings.

Top 10 rejected Windows Vista font names

Calumny Candelabra Colonic Cabalist Canker Capitulate Cadaver Cornhole Catamite Colostomy Seriously, though, who thought it would be a good idea to give them all nondescript one-word names beginning with ‘C’?