Who was that masked critter?

I’ve encountered another of those real life true stories so bizarre that in a year’s time I’m probably going to think I dreamed it. Herman Göring’s Nazi raccoons are invading Europe. I think that’s even better than the Fanta story.

Fanta über alles

A few days ago I woke up and was thinking about caffeinated beverages, when I vaguely remembered how the current attempts to revive the Fanta brand were covering up the sinister secret–that Fanta was actually a drink invented specifically for Nazi Germany. I mentioned this to sara. We laughed, both agreeing that it was obviously some crazy stuff I’d come up with in a dream. Coke sponsoring the 1936 Nazi Olympics.


With regard to the maze of pain photos doing the rounds… I don’t like slugs much. One day my mother found one in the garden and wanted me to get rid of it. I knew that salt killed slugs, so I got some salt and put it on the slug. What I didn’t know was how salt kills slugs. It’s awful, truly vile, like something out of a sci-fi horror movie.

Where the Bush family got their money

Ever wonder where the Bush family got all that money? In 1923, the Nazi party was given 100,000 gold marks ($25,000) by German industrialist Fritz Thyssen. This generous donation helped the fledgling party through its early financial troubles. After his father August’s death in 1926, Thyssen created the United Steel Works, a German industrial conglomerate. In 1924, the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart met with Harriman & Co, represented by the Harriman brothers and George Walker.