I am sick as a dog. I woke at around 05:00 and spent an hour with decongestants, steam inhaler and neti pot, and succeeded in clearing out a nostril so I could get some more sleep. It’s amazing how much… stuff… can come out of one’s nose. Now I have a vague fuzzy headache, but on the whole I feel a bit better than I did last night. Time for a day of not doing very much.


It’s peak hayfever season for me. That’s what I get for living in New England and being allergic to maple. I woke up with my nose blocked, and resorted to the neti pot. It’s like a watering can, except it’s designed to be fitted nasally. You fill it with salty water at body temperature, hold your head sideways, stick the spout in the upper nostril, and pour. If you do it right, all the nasty crap up your nose gets rinsed out into the sink.