Living with Firefox, 2004-2010

Well, it’s been a mostly enjoyable 5 or so years, but I’ve just ditched Firefox. Back in the mid 90s I heard rumors from Netscape people that their browser code was a barely maintainable mess. Apparently jwz didn’t believe in object-orientation, threads, or unit tests. Still, he thinks the code was fine until Collabra employees got their hands on it, and tried to turn the browser into a groupware suite.

Latest problem for timwi to deny :-)

There’s a bug in Windows with Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and 6.0 and any version of Outlook Express. The bug allows a web page or e-mail to do anything it likes on your computer—including formatting the hard drive. This bug has remained unfixed for months, and sites and e-mail messages exploiting it have now been seen‘in the wild’. There is no patch to prevent the problem. You can avoid it by disabling scripting for all untrusted sites, but this will break sites that rely on JavaScript for navigation, as well as parts of the Windows OS that rely on IE components and scripting.