The gap between theory and practice

I did one of those online religion questionnaires. I’m not going to reproduce the whole list of what it suggested for me; the interesting part is it rated Buddhism above Secular Humanism. (Specifically, Therevada Buddhism.) Intellectually, that’s spot on, but the problem I always have is observance. Somehow I seem to be unable to sustain a practice of regular meditation. And without at least that, I don’t see that I could honestly describe myself as a Buddhist.

Las Vegas: Introduction

We can’t remember whose idea it was. At one point I had suggested to sara that we could get married in Vegas, but for some strange reason she didn’t go for it. Nevertheless, the idea of visiting Vegas had appealed, and we had talked about it on and off for a couple of years. Then in the fall of 2003, my mother started pestering me as to what we were planning for Christmas.

Vegas Day 5: Christmas

We left our Christmas presents under the tree at home, so we come up with a special gift for ourselves in Las Vegas: we book a day at the hotel spa on the 25th. Mandalay Bay spa is focused on a relaxing experience, rather than exercise per se; it’s all about reflexology, aromatherapy, massage, yoga, and so on. I’ve booked a back, shoulder and neck massage, but first I need to take a shower and soak in the hot pool to loosen up my muscles.

New year’s resolution

I feel like a New Year’s Resolution might be a good thing, but I can’t think what it should be. I don’t usually bother with one, but I have been known to give up Lent for sex. At the risk of seeming conceited, I suppose I’m mostly satisfied with my own behavior. Or rather, I don’t feel guilty about anything that I rationally feel I should feel guilty about. Any conservative Christian could give me a laundry list of suggestions, of course.

Day of the Day

Today’s day of the day is Tuesday. Tuesday has always had a strange fascination with me; coming, as it does, immediately after Monday, one can still feel the throes of monday-ness still clinging to it, as we are dragged headlong into Wednesday. It thus fills an awkward gap, and prevents our having to adjust our calenders by 52 days every new year. In some respects, Tuesday is very Thursday-esque, in that it is not Friday enough to be convincingly relaxing and Sunday-like.