CD and DVD prices

Met the frustratingly elusive Mark last night. He has been pumping me for information about careers in IT, so we went looking for books on beginning web development and graphic design. He was dressed really casually for once. Usually he’s all designer labels and tight jeans, but this time it was baggy clothes and an old sweater and a baseball cap, with a couple of days of stubble. It was strangely comforting to know that he can be as scruffy as me; usually he makes me feel so underdressed…

Visa update

Lunch date with Mark. He wasn’t dressed quite as Newbury Street this time, and didn’t seem as incongruous in the mall. Filled in the forms to get my visa made permanent. Tomorrow I have to take a bunch of documents to work and get them photocopied—insurance forms, tax returns, apartment leases, and other things to demonstrate that sara and I really are married and living together, and not just pretending so I can get a visa.