The L word

You’ve all seen that “looter” is an irregular verb for white people in the media: “I am commandeering essential supplies, you are finding essential goods, they are looting”. You’ve also all seen the compassionate Conservatives criticizing people for not evacuating. Here’s something new: calling people looters for stealing an abandoned bus in order to evacuate. Ask yourself this: If I were in New Orleans wading through sewage-filled water and dodging bullets, if I’d waited days to be evacuated by the authorities but seen no action on their part, would I steal a bus to survive?


For some time now, Americans have been abandoning TV and newspapers in favor of online news sources. Now Half the Guardian’s online readers are now from the USA, and news sites from the BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and other serious news outlets are seeing major traffic spikes from the US. I strongly suspect that the reason why FOX News is the only successful news network, is that the people who used to be stuck with CNN have given up on TV news and moved online—leaving the mouth-breathing wingnuts behind to watch O’Reilly and Limbaugh.

News media make news

The VA sniper is watching the news media and noting their predictions just so he can mock them. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for a case like it. I wonder whether it will result in any improvement in journalistic standards? Sorry, stupid question.

An insane day

I got in to work, and my boss passed me in the hallway and said something about terrorist activity and a plane hitting the World Trade Center. I thought he was talking about a little Cessna or something, so I got in and sat and started on my coffee, glanced over my e-mail, and then hit the BBC News web site to see what was going on. I soon had the live BBC News video stream going, and sat watching it in disbelief.