Mortgage protection insurance

Buying a house is a really good way to attract the attention of sleazy businesses. We’ve had about a dozen offers of mortgage protection insurance. It’s not the service which is sleazy, it’s the way they offer it: The envelope has a message saying something like “Urgent information about your mortgage”. The name of the company we arranged our mortgage through is displayed in bold on the envelope, and usually in large bold print on the letter inside, to make it look as if it’s from them.

Something to celebrate

The Guardian reports: A US court yesterday fired a shot across the bows of those one prosecutor described as “snake oil salesmen” by recommending that the man thought to be the eighth most prolific “spammer” in the world should be jailed for nine years. Jeremy Jaynes, 30, of North Carolina, was found guilty, along with his sister, Jessica DeGroot, of sending out thousands of fraudulent emails which conned millions of dollars from unwitting victims.