The excitement started a week or two ago when I discovered that my ThinkPad laptop’s internal cooling fan had stopped working. As soon as I did something graphically intense for more than a minute or two, the system would overheat and perform an emergency shutdown. Fortunately, I have a backup laptop. Unfortunately, the backup ThinkPad laptop had also developed a fault. The fluorescent backlight for the display was failing. The screen was a curious reddish-purple color, and very dim—unless I turned the brightness up, in which case the backlight stopped working entirely, and everything went black.

Won’t the real UNIX owner please stand up?

The SCO-IBM-Microsoft-Linux lawsuit just keeps getting weirder. Now Novell have pointed out that they didn’t actually sell the UNIX System V intellectual property to SCO in the first place. They have also asked SCO to document its claim that Novell’s UNIX code has been stolen and incorporated into Linux. Meanwhile, Microsoft have categorically denied that they paid licensing fees to SCO just to help pay for the lawsuit. Which means that in fact, they paid to license code from SCO that SCO doesn’t actually own.

Smelling chequer

My thanks go to the Microsoft “Word for Windows” spelling checker for the following corrections: Novell Netware → Novel knitwear Aldus Pagemaker → Ladies pacemaker Now I can’t even look at the manuals without sniggering.