NPR funded by tax dollars? OMG!

With Sarah Palin calling for an end to federal money going to NPR, I thought it would be worth investigating just how much of the average American’s tax money actually goes to NPR. CBS news has an article with a bunch of facts and figures scattered through it. Teasing out the information, let’s start with a brief description of how the money flows: There is no direct government funding of NPR.

Duh moment

Until he mentioned it in an interview, it had never occurred to me that Ira Glass might be related to Philip Glass.


NPR has a feature about Cambridge schools. Apparently they’ve been told they can’t use race as a factor when assigning children to schools, which they used to do to ensure diversity. So now, they’re using economic level instead. Of course, this makes more sense—economic level has much more of an effect on academic performance than race. They interviewed a Cambridge parent, who said that while she agreed with the idea of mixing different economic levels intellectually, nevertheless if her kid ended up in a school full of poor kids, she’d move house to put the kid in a different school.