San Francisco Part 2

We arrived at Logan Airport in plenty of time. Given that it was about 35 celcius, I felt it was justified to hire a cab rather than lug suitcases on the T. I did my usual thing and tried to remove all metal from my person and put it in a pocket of my carry-on bag, in a vain attempt to evade the metal detector. Unfortunately, something set off the doorframe detector, and I was given a severe wanding.

San Francisco, Part 1

I’m not sure when I first became aware of California. Maybe I saw it on TV. Or maybe on a box of raisins. No, I think it was the Beach Boys. I was a young boy at a seaside resort in England, and music was playing. It spoke of a far off world, a mystical place where people stood on polished wooden boards and somehow rode on the waves. I’d never seen waves like that on an English beach—or at least, not on a sunny day.

Libraries, and other wastes of time

The following is the text of a half-page advertisement placed in the Winters Express newspaper of February 20th. It was paid for by the “Save Winters Committee” of Winters, California. A new library will end up costing the people of Winters over $30 million in new taxes… And for what? A library that is only used by less than seventy people a month. It would be far cheaper for Winters to hire taxicabs and send people to the University of Davis Library than for us to pay millions of dollars to entertain a few people.