Gitmo is over (if you want it)

For years, people have been buying the excuse that Obama can’t close Gitmo because “Congress won’t let him”. I’ve been arguing that no, Obama could close Gitmo any time he liked if he really wanted to. Sure, Congress can refuse to allow funds to be allocated for special shutdown procedures and ferrying people by aircraft. They can pass laws prohibiting relocation of detainees to the US. But the President of the USA is the head of the nation’s armed forces.

Put on your tinfoil hat!

Chicago Tribune: The U.S. Supreme Court will consider Friday whether to take up a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case embraced by some opponents of Obama’s election. But this isn’t just any normal political theory. After Internet blowhards started circulating rumors that Obama was born in Kenya, the Obama campaign published a scan of his birth certificate. So the wingnuts moved on to claiming that the scan was a cunning Photoshop fake.

The Bradley Effect

During the 1990s, UK TV series Spitting Image included a song “Thank You Tory Voters”, listing disasters caused by the Conservative government. One memorable line was “Voting Tory’s like a fart, no-one admits they’ve done it”. This was the point at which opinion pollsters noticed something interesting: Conservatives would routinely lose in every opinion poll, and then win the election. Studies were carried out, and it turned out that a surprisingly large number of people were so embarrassed by their support for the Tories that they would routinely tell opinion pollsters one thing, and then vote differently in the privacy of the voting booth.

Change you can believe in

From: Joe Biden To: Barack Obama Subject: Changes to your positions on key issues I’ve been taking a look at your web site. There are some changes you need to make if we’re ever going to win this thing. Get rid of as many mentions of science as you can. That stuff scares the right-wing Christians. Remove the paragraph about surveillance being conducted under the rule of law. It just looks embarrassing after your FISA vote.

You were expecting Kucinich?

I’ve been a bit bemused by the anger over Obama picking Biden. It’s pretty obvious why he was the pick. Obama had been heavily criticized for (a) lack of experience, (b) being a secret Muslim, (c) being a drug user, and (d) shamelessly flip-flopping on the FISA vote. Biden is (a) one of the longest-serving Democrats, (b) a devout Christian, (c) the guy who brought us the Drug Czar of the War On Drugs, and (d) one of the few Democrats to vote against FISA.

Guardian: Rush Limbaugh is taunting the liberal media by repeatedly airing a derogatory and racially charged song about the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Limbaugh, whose rightwing talk show is one of the most listened to in the US, has been running a song called Barack the Magic Negro, to the tune Puff the Magic Dragon. Which seems like an appropriate reason to download the song painstakingly assembled by WNNX-FM a few years ago: Ladies and Gentlemen, Rush Limbaugh.