Obesity and climate change

BBC news: Obesity needs to be tackled in the same way as climate change, a top nutritional scientist has said. In that case, let me get my soapbox… You know, there is absolutely no proof that people are getting fatter. Sure, there are fat people around, but that’s just part of the long term historical trend towards people being better fed. The occasional truly fat person is just a statistical blip.

The frontiers of science

Results from a new study in (where else?) Floriduh: Obese people don’t feel full as quickly when eating. The enjoyment of very tasty food produces chemical changes in the brain similar to those found in people who are enjoying illegal drugs. Possible solutions to obesity include: Eating only when hungry Eating more slowly Learning to eat less Thank heavens for temporal clustering analysis of magnetic resonance imaging, without which the above might never have been discovered.

Failures of the free market: food

One of the nice things about the USA is that every food package has a handy table on the back listing the proportions of various nutrients it contains. (It looks like the one on the front page of my web site.) This makes it very easy to look at two cans of soup, and say “Jeez, this one is 34% of my recommended sodium intake for the day, and 20% of my recommended fat… but this one is only 10% sodium and 2% fat.