Quote of the week

If there is anything else that I can do for you, which is required by law, don’t hesitate to call my office. If it isn’t required by law then don’t bother asking, because I think that you’re a worthless piece of s**t and I wouldn’t p**s on you if you were on fire (my opinion). You’re a poor, lonely, jealous, old man with aspirations of being a writer. You write your lies and uneducated opinions on people and issues from behind the safety of your slobber stained keyboard with the hope that somebody will read them that doesn’t know you and believe that you’re more than the pitiful, broke-down, lizard-looking thing that you are, in my opinion.

Phyrric victory

A student in Canton, OH, asked a bunch of people in a chat room to go to his school’s web site and hit refresh a few times, thinking that maybe the server would crash. He then posted a link to the server on a web page, encouraging people to go look at the page and hit refresh. When a few hundred extra hits on the site were noticed, school officials contacted the police.

United we fall

Online forum SomethingAwful managed to raise $27,695 to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Then suddenly, PayPal locked the account. When someone finally managed to contact PayPal, they were informed that PayPal has an exclusive contract with United Way—and that United Way’s contract would not allow PayPal funds to be transferred to the Red Cross. Yup: United Way and PayPal would rather block $27k in relief funds, than allow the money to go to the Red Cross.

No trick too dirty, continued

“Unfortunately, independent efforts by the NAACP, America Coming Together, John Kerry for President and the Capri Cafaro for Congress campaign have been illegally registering people to vote and apply for absentee ballots. […] Please be advised that if you were registered in this capacity that you will not be able to vote until the next election.” —Text from fraudulent letter sent to Ohio Democratic voters

Will your vote be counted?

The Black Box Voting web site has revealed that there’s an interesting ‘defect’ in the Diebold GEMS voting system’s central tabulator. If you enter an appropriate two-digit code into a hidden part of the system, the software creates a second database of votes. The second set of votes can be edited without any safeguards, and the voting system will report the final tallies from the bogus database rather than the one containing the real votes.

Vegas Day 4: Xmas Eve

At this point, we’d had three very active days with lots of walking. We were both pretty tired, it was Christmas Eve, and we were supposedly on vacation. It was time to slow things down a little and relax more. We start off with breakfast at Krispy Kreme. I pick out three doughnuts for myself—one chocolate glazed with cream filling, one “classic” glazed fresh from the cooling rack, and one festive donut with red, white and green Xmas sprinkles.

Travel ambitions [updated]

A question from Dan What are the top ten places you want to visit before you die (they can be places you’ve already been, if you want to go back)? Well, I don’t keep a list, so I might miss a few important ones, but here are ten… I’d like to go to Japan. I think it would probably require that I be accompanied by someone who spoke some Japanese, however.

Cute skunk pictures

A cute couple of pictures from Yahoo: Life imitates a Pepe Le Pew cartoon. Last weekend was a big skunk show in Ohio. One of the events was the skunk fancy dress contest. I gather from the mailing list that one of the contestants had dressed his skunk in yellow “Police Line – Do Not Cross” tape, and had actually managed to train it: when he said ‘dead skunk’, it would roll over and play dead like it was roadkill.

Skunk show

The 15th National Skunk Show is in Cincinnati, OH on March 23rd. I’d love to go, but I can’t really justify spending money on the air fare and hotel just to get the chance to pet some skunks. What I need is for some wacky publication to pay my expenses in return for an amusing article about skunks…