Peak Oil?

At ASPO’s recent conference in Berlin, companies such as BP and Exxon and men such as Fatih Birol, chief economist of the International Energy Agency, began to talk to the proponents of the peak oil theory. Whilst they may not agree with Dr Campbell’s theories, their attendance highlighted ASPO’s emerging importance in the oil debate. In public, Mr Birol denied that supply would not be able to meet rising demand, especially from the buoyant economies in the USA, China and India.

Rebuilding Iraq

A few days ago I was being all cynical and saying that we’d fail to build Iraq, just like we’ve failed to rebuild Afghanistan. I was wrong, though. They’ve already sorted out the contract to rebuild any destroyed Iraqi oil fields. The winning company is Kellogg Brown Root. By an amazing coincidence, they’re owned by Halliburton, Dick Cheney’s old company.