Russia Day 9

On the train in the morning, Olga tells us another Russian joke: Q: What should we do if the Americans launch a massive nuclear attack? A: Wrap yourself in a white sheet, and crawl very, very quietly to the graveyard. Q: But why must we crawl quietly? A: So as not to start a panic. The train is actually more luxurious than the sleeper train we traveled on in Italy. However, there are no straps or railings to prevent you from rolling off the upper bunk beds, and I don’t get much sleep.

St Petersburg, intro and day 1

I was lucky enough to visit Russia about a year after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the summer of 1993. My girlfriend at the time had lived and studied in Leningrad, and had made friends with a family there. We decided to go visit them. Day 1 We arrive at Leningrad airport. It has “ST PETERSBURG” on the top in obviously brand new letters. I see row after row of identical Aeroflot planes.