Got a digital camera

Got a digital camera last weekend. The SLR is great, but I wanted something small to carry around places where I wouldn’t be bothered to drag an SLR. I also wanted to be able to take one or two pictures a week and send them to the family by e-mail. Resolution wasn’t a big concern, as long as I could get 4×6 prints for any shots the family really liked.

Mp’sj’s Ark

Many thousands of years ago, the civilization of Mars was at its peak. Mighty cargo ships travelled the network of canals, trading goods between the big Martian cities. However, all was not well, morally speaking. The rich Martian merchants were immoral, exploiting the poor as minimum wage slaves and letting people starve to death rather than let them buy food at less than its market price. Social deprivation led to violent crime, drug smuggling, and prostitution.