J2SE 6 has some interesting new XML functionality called JAXB. Using JAXB, you can take an XSD file and compile it into Java classes. You can then add those classes to your project, create an Unmarshaler object, feed it some XML which meets the XSD, and it will pass you back a tree of appropriate POJOs you can mess with.The only problem is that the XML file my source application generates refers to a DTD which JAXB tries to load via xerxes, causing epic fail.

World of LOLcraft

The amazing thing about World of Warcraft is that even if you’re a gamer, conversations about it sound like complete gibberish. And not the potentially interesting kind of gibberish, either. Some quotes from the General forum Blizzard runs: Won’t the S3 rating requirement encourage arena team selling? I mean someone could just have 1500 ratings for all of S2, wait for S3, buy a team that meets the rating requirement for the week.