GPL v3: The Missing Piece

There has been a lot of GPLv3 discussion on tech sites. Perhaps predictably, a lot of it has missed the point or miscategorized the changes. If you read the history of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Public License, you discover that it all came about because Richard Stallman found himself having to use broken software that he wasn’t allowed to fix. The entire purpose of the GPL is to ensure that everyone who uses a piece of GPL-licensed software can change that software, use the changed version, and distribute it to other people.

Friday question

Q: Suppose you could have any career you wanted, without regard for practicality or ability to pay the rent. What would your career be, and why? And if it isn’t your current career, why not? I’ll start. I’d write software and books. Open source software, and probably mostly technical books. I could be wrong, but I think my code is better than a lot of the open source stuff, and there are endless places where the available code could use major improvement.