The original Night of the Living Dead is out of copyright and available for download. There were 177 skunks at the Skunk Show in Orlando. America’s defense budget is now larger than the defense budgets of every other country in the world added together. [Clarification: You’re supposed to add the latest Iraq war appropriations to the regular budget in the linked article.] America Coming Together is not, in fact, an advocacy organization for enthusiasts of group sex; that was just the first thing I thought of when I saw the envelope in my junk mail today.

Skunk show in Orlando

The 17th National Skunk Show is in Orlando, Florida this weekend. I’ve been checking the web for last minute travel bargains, but I can’t find any. And now matter how cute and fluffy they may be, and no matter how much I might want to go see skunks on show, I can’t justify spending $800 on it right now. Gotta go to Austin next month.

Las Vegas

eBU is in Las Vegas for the first time. Previous years it has been held in Orlando, Florida, in Disney World; and also in a European city, Berlin one year and Barcelona the next. The move to Vegas has allowed IBM to consolidate and have everyone from around the world attend one huge show. To be specific, there are 17,000 IBM people in Las Vegas at the moment. That’s enough to fill the conference facilities of the MGM, Mirage and Venetian, with a few hundred excess people at the Paris and a couple of other hotels.

Quietly skiving

In an unexpected change of plan, it looks like I have the day free tomorrow. I’m investigating transport options to see if I can get to the Kennedy Space Center. I’ve wanted to go since…oh, probably about the age of six. Update: I’m booked! There’s a company does a complete coach day trip from Orlando, they’ll pick me up from the hotel tomorrow morning just after 8.

Trip report, day 1

In retrospect, it was my own damn fault. I should have gone for the peppermint. But no, I chose the raspberry Earl Grey, which is apparently full of caffeine. That, combined with worrying about the day to come, meant that I only got around four hours of actual sleep on Saturday night. Sunday morning, the taxi didn’t quite turn up. In spite of the fact that I had spelled out the street name, somehow the house number had been omitted again.