PDAs, Part I

Many people wonder why anyone would want a PDA in the first place. Even on Slashdot, every time there’s a PDA story, multiple people will post about how useless they are. Well, I’ve tried organizing my life using paper, and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried desktop and laptop organizational tools, they don’t really work either, though they’re close. My problem with paper is partly psychological, and partly practical. The psychological issue is that I have a pathological distaste for any kind of waste.


A month Mac-less and office-less has renewed my hatred of paper. I’ve got a new Palm device, and I’m on another organizational kick. So, now would be a really good time to e-mail me (see address at bottom of any page of web site) with changes of address, phone number, spouse, gender, etc. Also, of course, it’s the season when we celebrate the solstice and nature by cutting down trees and turning them into folded pieces of cardboard with pictures of trees, snow, reindeer and fat men in red suits on the front.

Lies my parents told me

If you’ve ever cooked rice in a rice cooker, you’ll have noticed the papery residue that gets left around the rim. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with how rice paper wrappers are made, but they’re pretty thin and brittle, so it seems likely. However, it’s a lot easier to go down to your local Asian supermarket, where they will sell you rice paper in small sheets.