Crank radio for cranks

I’m by no means a survivalist crackpot–I’m entirely too reliant on modern pharmaceuticals–but the Eton FR1000 is really cool. It’s an FM, AM and GMRS radio (walkie-talkie) with vox activation. It’s an LED flashlight and emergency siren. It’ll charge your cell phone. And it can be powered by AA batteries, rechargeable NiMH, AC adaptor, or hand crank! All it’s missing is shortwave.


The American Red Cross will no longer take blood donations from me, because they think I might have mad cow disease. Anybody who has spent more than 3 months in the UK since 1980, or 6 months elsewhere in Europe, is now ineligible to donate blood. In fact, one of the major vectors of possible nvCJD spread isn’t blood donation—it’s pharmaceuticals, particularly vaccinations. Many vaccinations are cultured in animals, and UK research suggests that they may carry nvCJD.