US Music Find bogus charges

Just got my landline bill, and it had a charge from “US MUSIC FIND INC” for $14.99. A Google search located them; they’re apparently a ringtone vendor offering ringtones each month for a monthly fee. Ringtones for my landline? Oh, you’d better believe I didn’t sign up for that. I don’t even buy ringtones for my cell phone, because it’ll play any old MP3 file as a ringtone and I’m more than capable of making my own.

Hey Cosmo, bite me

Just got a robocall that said “is sending you a hey cosmo blast, press 1 to hear the message”. That’s right, no indication of who, it just started with the word “is”. For obvious reasons, I didn’t push 1. Google searches suggest that the company responsible is On the off chance someone I know tried to use that site to send me a message: it failed. My money’s on someone trying to use it to spam, though.

Dear Amazon

Please create the following Java MIDP application for my phone: When you run the application and take a picture of a barcode using the phone’s camera, it decodes the barcode, and adds the item to my Amazon wish list or some other Amazon list of my choice. If Amazon doesn’t carry the item, it should add an “unrecognized item with UPC code xxxxx” item instead. Thanks. P.S. Please don’t try to patent it.

Phone vs watch

I gather that increasing numbers of people these days use their cell phone to tell the time, and don’t bother with a watch. However, the watch is fighting back. Behold, the quad band GSM phone in a wristwatch, with Bluetooth (so you can pair it with a headset for phone use) and OLED display showing analog hands. Plus 1.3MP camera, kinetic battery recharge, and MP3 player. At 13mm thick it’s still pretty bulky, but not much worse than my Casio G-Shock.


“Hello?” “Taco Bell.” “Err… no…” “May I speak with sara?” “I’m afraid she’s not in at the moment.” “*click*”

Down in the park

Walking home just now, I saw a figure ahead in the darkness, walking through the linear park. A very large, female figure dressed in badly-matched clothing. She was staggering slightly, and weaving from side to side, in the manner of one who is paralytically drunk. The linear park often attracts the homeless, so I thought nothing of it. Seeing a large drunk female vagrant wandering towards the liquor store on Mass Ave made perfect sense.