Pride was fun. We escorted Dan from Davis; he was in full drag as Jasmine, very hot (in both senses) and guaranteed to be the center of attention. We arrived at the appointed location and met up with Erin, who seemed much more excited and chatty than at the LJ meetup long ago, though it’s equally likely that I was being nervous and quiet back then. Nobody else from the BRC was around, and we had no banner.

Pride 2002

Yesterday was the Boston Pride March. I’m happy to report that Dan looks much nicer in person than in his scary mugshot photos. We went ahead a block or so and watched the parade until the BRC contingent reached us, then joined the parade. I took one end of the banner after a while. There’ll be some photos once I get up and plug in the camera… Mark was with Slice of Rice, the queer Asian group he’s involved with.