How to make online gaming a success

I have broadband. I have a PlayStation 2 next to the router and cable modem. I have disposable income. I play video games. Yet, I do not have a PS2 network adaptor, and I haven’t played any online games. I’ve been thinking about why not. I decided to put together some suggestions for Raph Koster, who’s the big cheese at Sony in charge of online PS2 gaming. Either charge a subscription, or charge for the game, but don’t ask me to pay twice.

Ratchet and Crack

I went a while without posting anything significant, because I’ve been busy with various things… First was the PC building project. I’m still tweaking and adding stuff; at the weekend I got S.M.A.R.T. support installed, so the hard drive will monitor its status and the number of underlying errors it finds and corrects. When I log in, I’ll get a summary of the latest weekly report. The idea is that if the hard drive is about to fail, I’ll have plenty of warning and time to get a replacement hard drive and move the data across.


I’ve located a neGcon. It’s a freaky PlayStation controller made by Namco in Japan: It has pressure-sensitive buttons, and a heavy and accurate rotational sensor in the middle. You twist the device to steer. Although originally designed for Ridge Racer, It is said to be the controller for playing WipeOut. Wip3out 3 addicts have often posted about its amazing effect on their lap times. The timing couldn’t be better, as WipeOut Fusion’s US release date has been brought forward, so there’s only a couple of weeks left to wait.


Noticed that some PlayStation 2 games were hitting the $20 mark, so decided it was time to get a PlayStation 2. After wasting time trawling every relevant store in the mall, discovered that nobody has memory cards. So no PS2 for me. Bleagh.

WipeOut Fusion

Dammit, WipeOut Fusion is out in Europe and Australia. Where the hell is the US release?