New Mac

On average, computers last me for about 4 years. Last week, I was still using an 800MHz iMac. Partly this is down to my being frugal. It’s like the TV situation, where I didn’t buy the HDTV until my family visited and laughed at the 20″ TV, and seemingly made it die of shame shortly afterwards. Partly it’s because Macs remain usable longer than PCs. A PC Magazine survey found that Macs tend to last 3.

RedPill 1.4.2

RedPill 1.4.2 is out. Adds Tiger compatibility. I haven’t upgraded to Tiger myself yet, so let me know if you find any problems… I was quite amused by the guy who wrote saying he was trying to get the source code to work under Tiger, and confessed that he didn’t know any C and could I help him? Right, yeah, I’ll do that. Also, yes, I know Tiger doesn’t include StuffIt.

Excuse me while I kick myself

I finished up Red Pill 1.1, and sent it off to info-mac. Then tonight, I noticed there was a piece of debugging code left active in the build that was dumping crap in the system log. So I quickly fixed it, called the result 1.2, and sent that off with an apology. And then I downloaded it myself to the iBook, and immediately noticed that the license agreement still said 1.

Red Pill

Red Pill 1.0 hit [Red Pill 1.0 hit]2 and MacUpdate, and the early reviews are in…

Red Pill

OK, new screensaver early beta now available for download for a limited time only. Requires OS X 10.2, unfortunately. The actual animation is by no means finalized; think of this as a demonstration of the sort of things the finished screensaver might do. You might be wondering why on earth I’d want to make yet another screensaver inspired by That Movie. Well, I got some e-mail from someone who suggested it.