The rat

We were sitting in a neighborhood café when I saw her. Someone had lost interest in their lunch, and had dumped a plate half-full of food onto the top of the gray plastic tub where the used coffee cups go. She was sitting nearby, nibbling at a piece of pita bread she had grabbed from the plate, her whiskers glinting in the afternoon sunlight. I sipped my iced coffee and watched.

Arboreal rodent shenanigans

It’s Friday, so I decided to walk to Baby Greens to get lunch, as I often do at the end of the week. As I walked, I kept an eye out for fallen pecans to take home and leave out for our squirrels. I saw one at the end of the street, and picked it up. As I did so, I heard a noise. I looked up, and a squirrel was sitting in the pecan tree, barking at me for stealing his nut.

Latest scientific advance

Scientists have developed a white mouse that changes to brown when fed a harmless dietary supplement, then changes back to white again. Could this be the next trend after LCDs and e-ink? The Mouse Display! Granted, at one rodent per pixel that’s an awful lot of mice, and the refresh rate is going to be pretty poor, but wouldn’t it be worth it to have a computer screen with fur you could pet?