Wednesday’s Guardian had a story with the headline Bush names rightwing Republican as CIA chief. I half expected to see a story elsewhere on the page saying Study confirms bears defecate in woods or Pope announces he isn’t Jewish. Yes, I’m talking about the guy who says he’s not qualified for a job at the CIA. Also yesterday, Wikipedia’s featured article was MKULTRA. I must admit, I was amazed by some of the details.

Fear my pagerank

My web site has been around since the days of HTML 1.0. It’s been at the same URL for nearly a decade, and is linked to by thousands of copies of FAQ documents. Because of this journal and the photos page, it’s also updated regularly. As a result, and thanks to Google’s pageranking algorithm, I’m the first thing you get if you Google search for “mathew”. I’ve noticed that this means that anything moderately obscure I mention in my journal will soon end up near the top of the Google search results for the appropriate keywords.