Last week ended on a stressful note, as Ryan unexpectedly “left to pursue other opportunities”. Opportunities in a more external capacity; a horizontal promotion, as the euphemism goes. I wasn’t going to mention it, but since he’s posted the news publically in his journal, I suppose I can break silence a little. The awkward thing for me is that I have no first-person knowledge of what happened or why; just a bunch of stories from people involved, and no real basis for deciding which to believe.

Another sleepless night

Again Ryan has woken me up with his snoring. It’s quieter today, but not quiet enough. I’m going to go have an early breakfast, then when I get back I’ll wake him up in an annoyingly cheery and unsympathetic manner, upload a couple of LJ entries, then wander off to the 08:00 kick-off presentation—four hours of morale-building talk from senior executives. Kill me now. Last night was the opening beach party, on the fake Disney beach near the hotel.