I dreamt I was on Tracy Island. Jeff Tracy wasn’t around, because it was finally his turn to man Thunderbird 5, so I had been left in charge of the boys. Unfortunately, they had invited Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-il to visit the island. Saddam and Jong-il were claiming to be bored, and wanted to play with the Tracy family’s video camcorder. I realized that they actually wanted to record as much information as they could about the Thunderbird craft, so they could use Brains Hackenbacker’s technology to create Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The trial of Saddam

In his trial on the 22nd, Saddam Hussein claimed that he and his co-defendents had been beaten and tortured by US authorities. You’d think that would be bad enough, that maybe people would start to realize that this whole ‘torture is as American as apple pie!’ thing would come back and bite ’em on the ass. But there was more. Reporters then heard one of the guards at the trial telling Taha Yassin Ramadan (former Iraqi vice president) that he was going to give him another beating.

Faint praise

When I first heard that Bush and Rumsfeld had signed off on pro-torture policy documents written by our new Attorney General, one of my first thoughts was: How will they react when American soldiers are tortured by foreign powers? The answer, amazingly enough, is that they are being consistent. The Bush administration is now fighting Gulf War veterans in court, trying to prevent them from claiming compensation for being tortured by Saddam Hussein.

Iraq: The Final Verdict

The results are in: The comprehensive 15-month search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has concluded that the only chemical or biological agents that Saddam Hussein’s regime was working on before last year’s invasion were small quantities of poisons, most likely for use in assassinations. A draft of the Iraq Survey Group’s final report circulating in Washington found no sign of the alleged illegal stockpiles that the US and Britain presented as the justification for going to war, nor did it find any evidence of efforts to reconstitute Iraq’s nuclear weapons programme.

Attacked by Saudis? Invade Iraq!

I’m sure there are some people who still doubt that Bush decided to attack Iraq immediately after 9/11, in spite of the fact that the 9/11 attackers were Saudi Arabian and Iraq had nothing to do with it at all. So: PRESIDENT George Bush first asked Tony Blair to support the removal of Saddam Hussein from power at a private White House dinner nine days after the terror attacks of 11 September, 2001.

So about those weapons of mass destruction…

I know it’s churlish of me to keep harping on about this, but: …investigators have found no support for the two main fears expressed in London and Washington before the war: that Iraq had a hidden arsenal of old weapons and built advanced programs for new ones. In public statements and unauthorized interviews, investigators said they have discovered no work on former germ-warfare agents such as anthrax bacteria, and no work on a new designer pathogen—combining pox virus and snake venom—that led U.

OJ’s hunt for the real killers

US News: On the evening of February 1, two dozen American officials gathered in a spacious conference room at the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Va. The time had come to make the public case for war against Iraq. For six hours that Saturday, the men and women of the Bush administration argued about what Secretary of State Colin Powell should—and should not—say at the United Nations Security Council four days later.

Iraq: Our victory is assured

From The Washington Post: The Bush administration has devised a strategy to declare victory in Iraq even if Saddam Hussein or key lieutenants remain at large and fighting continues in parts of the country, officials said yesterday. If only they’d thought of that idea thirty years ago, Vietnam could have gone down as one of the great American military victories.

The peace conspiracy

Last night on IRC, someone was ranting about how all the peace protests were actually just a front, and that they’d been organized by… …the Communist Party. I was told that peace protestors are all brainless dupes who have been fooled by Communist propaganda, and that the main source of propaganda in America is the Workers World Party. Apparently the WWP are the organizers of all the peace protest, and they’re doing it to support Saddam Hussein.