I dreamt I was on Tracy Island. Jeff Tracy wasn’t around, because it was finally his turn to man Thunderbird 5, so I had been left in charge of the boys. Unfortunately, they had invited Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-il to visit the island. Saddam and Jong-il were claiming to be bored, and wanted to play with the Tracy family’s video camcorder. I realized that they actually wanted to record as much information as they could about the Thunderbird craft, so they could use Brains Hackenbacker’s technology to create Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The trial of Saddam

In his trial on the 22nd, Saddam Hussein claimed that he and his co-defendents had been beaten and tortured by US authorities. You’d think that would be bad enough, that maybe people would start to realize that this whole ‘torture is as American as apple pie!’ thing would come back and bite ’em on the ass. But there was more. Reporters then heard one of the guards at the trial telling Taha Yassin Ramadan (former Iraqi vice president) that he was going to give him another beating.

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Remember the statue of Saddam being pulled down? The Guardian has tracked down the people who were there and interviewed them. The men with the rope noose were Ali Fares and Khaled Hamid. Hamid says: “We weren’t able to catch Saddam himself, so the statue had to stand in. I was happy. I was proud. I know that even President Bush was watching us.” But the pride was tinged with revulsion.

Saddam’s statue

I didn’t say anything at the time, but yes, that whole toppling Saddam’s statue thing did look like manufactured news, from the way it appeared in all the newspapers simultaneously.