Asphyxiating the messenger

Found on a list of terms GM employees were forbidden from using: brakes like an “X” car Challenger Cobain Corvair-like deathtrap decapitating detonate disemboweling eviscerated explode genocide grenadelike Hindenburg horrific impaling inferno Kevorkianesque lacerating maiming malicious mangling maniacal mutilating powder keg rolling sarcophagus (or tomb or coffin) spontaneous combustion suicidal terrifying Titanic widow-maker you’re toast worldojeff via Compfight

Who needs terrorists?

New York Times via RISKS digest: A drive by the Federal Aviation Administration to cut the number of air traffic controllers nationally by 10 percent below negotiated levels, and even more sharply at places like the busy radar center here, is producing tension, anger and occasional shows of defiance among controllers. Most of the changes have had little effect on the public. But one in particular may have safety implications, controllers and some outside experts said.

Occupational safety

Death rates for occupations Scuba diver <td> 0.002% </td> Car driver <td> 0.022% </td> Logger <td> 0.122% </td> High-altitude mountaineer <td> 4.3% </td> Astronaut <td> 7.5% </td> German U-boat sailor <td> 63% </td> —RISKS digest

The myth of safety

I got some junk mail from The American Prospect. They seem very persistent in their attempts to get me to subscribe. This one had a question, intended to be thought-provoking, printed on the envelope: How can we make America a safe place without sacrificing a few liberties? I think this is a stupid question. You usually can’t make something “safe”; certainly nothing as complicated and full of people as America can ever be “safe”.