SCO: Pump and dump?

Just after SCO’s lawsuit boosted their stock price, their execs started dumping all their stock. The VP has actually sold off his entire interest in the company. Gosh, what a surprise.

SCO update

SCO’s stock price has tanked on heavy trading volume. What a surprise.

Won’t the real UNIX owner please stand up?

The SCO-IBM-Microsoft-Linux lawsuit just keeps getting weirder. Now Novell have pointed out that they didn’t actually sell the UNIX System V intellectual property to SCO in the first place. They have also asked SCO to document its claim that Novell’s UNIX code has been stolen and incorporated into Linux. Meanwhile, Microsoft have categorically denied that they paid licensing fees to SCO just to help pay for the lawsuit. Which means that in fact, they paid to license code from SCO that SCO doesn’t actually own.

SCO Linux lawsuit bizarreness

Recently SCO launched a lawsuit alleging that Linux contained SCO UNIX source code, illegally copied. SCO is pointing fingers at IBM, suggesting that hackers working on AIX lifted code and added it to Linux. In addition, SCO has written to 1,500 companies telling them they might be next if they don’t stop using Linux. The bizarre thing about the lawsuit is that SCO themselves are Linux vendors. For years they have been shipping Caldera OpenLinux, which contains a number of modifications to the standard Linux kernel.