You may be familiar with SnowSaver and RedPill, two popular Mac screensavers I wrote. I recently signed up as a Mac developer, with the intention of making my screensavers available on the App Store. After some technical hurdles, I submitted my first screensaver, and it was rejected on the grounds that it didn’t provide enough functionality to be worthy of the App Store, because it was just a screensaver. I appealed the rejection, pointing out that there are already screensavers on the App Store.

RedPill 1.4.2

RedPill 1.4.2 is out. Adds Tiger compatibility. I haven’t upgraded to Tiger myself yet, so let me know if you find any problems… I was quite amused by the guy who wrote saying he was trying to get the source code to work under Tiger, and confessed that he didn’t know any C and could I help him? Right, yeah, I’ll do that. Also, yes, I know Tiger doesn’t include StuffIt.


Spent most of Sunday afternoon hacking on ElectricSheep to try and get it working on OS X again. One of the developers had e-mailed me asking if I could help. It turns out that the OS X version was developed as a ground-up reimplementation, which isn’t exactly ideal from a maintenance point of view. I’m trying to improve that a bit.

Red Pill

Red Pill 1.0 hit [Red Pill 1.0 hit]2 and MacUpdate, and the early reviews are in…

Red Pill

OK, new screensaver early beta now available for download for a limited time only. Requires OS X 10.2, unfortunately. The actual animation is by no means finalized; think of this as a demonstration of the sort of things the finished screensaver might do. You might be wondering why on earth I’d want to make yet another screensaver inspired by That Movie. Well, I got some e-mail from someone who suggested it.

Web hosting goes boom

My web site’s down again. I’ve checked the logs and found out why: another 68,000 people downloaded my screensaver this month alone. That means well over 100,000 have downloaded it since I released it. I just can’t afford to keep paying for that kind of bandwidth unless I make the thing shareware, so I’ve submitted it to info-mac, and I’ll be removing it from my web site temporarily. Please feel free to pass copies to friends or put up mirror copies while I wait for info-mac to do their stuff.


I’m submitting SnowSaver to Info-Mac. That should hopefully get it mirrored all over the globe within the next day or so.


I wish I had somewhere I could keep a 12′ hovercraft. I’ve always thought how cool it would be to have a hovercraft. It seems like SnowSaver has problems on Radeon and old GeForce Ti video cards. In fact, I’m starting to think that the whole multi-screen thing is a red herring, and the real problem is people with video cards that don’t support 24 bit video with 8 bit alpha, hardware texture mapping and fog.

Cocoa better, not Cocoa butter

Spent the afternoon and early evening improving the screensaver and learning my way around Cocoa better. (As opposed to cocoa butter, which would probably have been much more enjoyable if used appropriately.) I now have a preferences sheet with various sliders and a color selector, and code to load and save preferences in the correct way. In the process, I triggered yet another bug; tracking it down revealed yet another way in which the reality of the screensaver API differs from the documentation.