I want my MP3

Sony finally gave in and started making MP3-capable Walkman CD players. I finally gave in and bought one. Key features: Great sound (better than the ThinkPad at work), plenty of volume range (goes up to 11), runs for 24 hours on two ordinary AA cells, understands ISO9660 CDs with long filenames, supports any MP3 bit rate MP3 from 8 to 320 including VBR, G-Protection anti-skip, reads CD-R and CD-RW, supports ID3 tags, navigates by track or folder, repeats or shuffles any folder or the entire disc, recharges NiCD batteries in the player if you get an AC adaptor, also plays regular audio CDs, it’s the smallest and lightest MP3 CD player, understands CD TEXT, has no copy protection or DRM (plays regular PC-burnt CD-Rs), and it’s $99.

Mickey Mouse operation

Well, here I am in Disney World. I’m here for an IBM internal conference. Pretty much the whole of the IBM software group sales organization for the USA is here, along with Canadians and some Latin American folks. Tomorrow I have the first of many long meetings filled with information that could be communicated by e-mail much more effectively if you could trust sales people to read their e-mail. The plane trip down was uneventful.