Getting a Second Life

Getting a Second Life Imagine a world where you could create literally anything you could imagine, and explore it in 3D. What would you make? If your answer was “strip malls and casinos”, I know a place you’ll love. ◊ ◊ ◊ A while back I had the unusual experience of having my employer suggest that I spend some time trying out Second Life. IBM is quite interested in the commercial possibilities of 3D shared environments, and has even set up some experimental conference spaces.

“Signs” …point to ‘No’

In a word, avoid. Unfortunately it’s a competently executed movie, at least as far as acting and cinematography—so sadly, I must break with etiquette and provide a synopsis. It’s the only way to explain how truly bad the movie is.

Silent Hill 2 review

Finished Silent Hill 2. It was something of a disappointment. The graphics are clearly better than the original, and the fog effects are lovely… but it relies heavily on the stalest of clichés and arbitrary restrictions to railroad you. Entire buildings gratuitously have all their windows boarded over so you have to wander around in the dark. I lost count of the number of times I had to jump into a pit, uncertain of what was at the bottom.

I don’t need this

I had a creepy dream last night. In the dream, I got up and was fetching a glass of water when I saw a humanoid shadow move across the kitchen wall. I looked behind me, and saw that the inner door was open; through the glass of the outer door I saw a figure disappear into the darkness. I looked in the living room, and the TV was gone. Other items were moved, but still there.