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Q: What are some good but not the usual types of dates? A: The Barhi date is superb in quality; the Deglet Noor is less sweet and somewhat dry in flavor. Q: Is it wrong to use Crisco as a lubricant? A: Yes, it’ll ruin your transmission. Q: what to use for black man hair loss? A: A Dustbuster? Q: What are some good tips to stop procrastination? […] Does anyone have any tips to help me buckle down and do some work?

Thats Mr Smartass, thanks

I was told I couldn’t post a photo to an internal discussion forum, because the photo was copyrighted and we weren’t allowed to distribute copies. So I wrote a quick embedded Java applet which downloads that one photo from the original web site every time someone opens the document, and displays it inline. I put the applet in my posting instead, end of problem. Once again, stupid legal restrictions waste resources…