All-purpose article

All technology invented before I hit 30 is awesome and wonderful and the natural way things should be. All technology invented after I hit 30 is terrible and leading to the downfall of civilization. (Add examples to fill word count.)

The Sony Ericsson P900

It’s commonly believed by folk in the US that the iPhone was utterly new and without precedent. I think it’s because before the iPhone, smartphones weren’t very popular in the US. Things were different elsewhere in the world, though. In 2005, I had a Sony Ericsson P900, a smartphone launched in 2003. I found it in a closet the other day, and I couldn’t find many screen captures of the P900 software online, so I decided I’d take a few snapshots.

Android beats out iPhone

As I predicted back in January, Android has now beaten out the iPhone in market share. It’s now 7 points ahead, at 28% vs 21%. Sure, there will be a small blip when the iPhone version 4 is released. But there will also be blips for the HTC Evo 4G, the Droid Incredible, maybe even the Sony Xperia X10. The more you tighten your grip, Steve, the more users will slip through your fingers.