I’m submitting SnowSaver to Info-Mac. That should hopefully get it mirrored all over the globe within the next day or so.

Holy crap!

Suddenly every Mac site picked up on SnowSaver, and over 18,000 people downloaded it. I’ve exceeded my bandwidth allocation, and will need to buy more bandwidth. I really didn’t think it’d be that popular. A good few thousand also wandered over to look at my photos and other pages. This could get expensive.


I wish I had somewhere I could keep a 12′ hovercraft. I’ve always thought how cool it would be to have a hovercraft. It seems like SnowSaver has problems on Radeon and old GeForce Ti video cards. In fact, I’m starting to think that the whole multi-screen thing is a red herring, and the real problem is people with video cards that don’t support 24 bit video with 8 bit alpha, hardware texture mapping and fog.


SnowSaver 1.1b2 is out! Announced on MacUpdate too. According to them, it’s been downloaded over 1,700 times. It’s already in the top ten downloads for the week by popularity. Wow!

Cocoa better, not Cocoa butter

Spent the afternoon and early evening improving the screensaver and learning my way around Cocoa better. (As opposed to cocoa butter, which would probably have been much more enjoyable if used appropriately.) I now have a preferences sheet with various sliders and a color selector, and code to load and save preferences in the correct way. In the process, I triggered yet another bug; tracking it down revealed yet another way in which the reality of the screensaver API differs from the documentation.