Into the Fediverse

In the wake of Facebook’s recent behavior, I see people once again saying they wish there was an alternative. Well, there is. There’s a social network with 4.7 million users that’s free and open and not controlled by any single company. I’m going to tell you how to join it. First, though… What have Facebook done wrong? In case you have missed the major news stories about Facebook’s misdeeds, Facebook has…

Is it time to leave Facebook?

The movement to abandon Facebook seems to have gathered some steam. If you’re potentially interested, this is a summary of your best options. Let me start with the criteria I’m using. 1. No advertising-based business model As I’ve written before, the fundamental problem with Facebook is the business model. Any other site with the same business model will end up as bad. So that eliminates Google+ and Blogger, particularly since Google are funding neo-Nazis.

Some thoughts on social networks

Last week I spent some time moving all my e-mail archives off of Google’s servers and onto my own. At the same time I went through and cleared out a bunch of old mail, scanned for duplicates, pulled out family photos into an album, and generally tidied. It was an interesting experience. I found myself seeing names of people I had no recollection of, but who had apparently been a major part of my life a couple of decades ago.