Thoughts on object oriented development

Made a wokload of stirfry, watched an episode of Thunderbirds, then used my remaining brain power for the day writing some more lines of OpenGL / Cocoa code. I added 50 or so lines to the project, and was rather startled to find that the 400 or lines so I’d added since last compile cycle (a) compiled first time and (b) didn’t break anything. I’ve probably written about this before, but one of the problems I find with object oriented software development, as far as version 1.

Relative Sizes of Inexact Quantitative Measures

A research proposal. Introduction There are a great many inexact and colloquial units of measurement used in everyday life by native English speakers. Often they are used in situations where their meaning can only be metaphorical—“a handful of people turned up”, “I have a truckload of work to do next week”, “I was stuck in traffic for an eternity”. This research project would aim to answer a number of fundamental questions about such inexact measurements: