The television will be revolutionized

Digital TV means crystal clear reception from an $8 wire loop antenna. It means beautiful sharp images a meter across with no visible scan lines. It also means occasionally having to reboot your television. It’s just the way things are. I have to reboot my cellphone every day or so, or a memory leak eventually causes it to crash. I have to reboot the printer once a month or so. Our answering machine has needed rebooting a few times, too, and the other day I rebooted the car.

Windows misbehaves

At the weekend, I was installing a software update on the ThinkPad when the Microsoft installer decided to fail for permissions reasons. It didn’t think to tell me it needed to be administrator before running through the entire install, no, that would be too easy. And somehow although it wasn’t privileged enough to install the software update, it was privileged enough to wipe out several vital system files. So Windows started demanding the Windows 2000 CD.