May is here…

…and that means it’s roach season again. Our first wood roach of the year just visited. They live outside in the trees, which are quite delightfully wet right now due to the ongoing thunderstorm. There’s also lots of nice damp mulch out there, I bet they enjoy that too. Yes, I admit it, I squealed. While I’m getting used to the little buggers by now, the first one of the season is always an unpleasant surprise.


It is a well-known fact—by which I mean, it’s something most people seem to believe, but I don’t know whether it’s actually true—that spider silk is the strongest substance known to man. Stronger for its thickness than steel. Perhaps the record-breaking nature of the spider extends to other areas. Perhaps spider fur might be the softest fur known to man. Softer even than that of the sea otter. Before long we might see spider farms, bodies of dead cows and piles of excrement left in artificial forests to attract flies into the spiders’ delicate yet oh-so-extraordinary webs.