I am 31337

After spending some time reading the 1,100+ page WebSphere install guide (I kid you not), I have finally got WebSphere 4 running 100% successfully, including full SSL support. Now to document my week of pain for the next poor bastard.

J2EE battles

After about three days of more-or-less solid effort, I have almost got a WebSphere development environment running. WebSphere is running, the HTTP server is running, SSL is working, and DB2 is running… however, the HTTP server doesn’t map the /servlet/ URLs to WebSphere when I connect to it via SSL. I’m assuming the problem is somewhere in the httpd.conf file, which is huge and ugly. I’ll have to sit down with the documentation tomorrow morning and hope for an “Aha!

Some reasons why Mac OS X rocks

Installation was totally painless. It actually manages to do what I thought was impossible—it puts a cohesive Mac-like UI on top of a UNIX box. It’s convincingly graphical and feels solid and friendly, something Linux and GNOME fail to achieve. Yet there’s all the juicy BSD goodness underneath the skin, if you open up a telnet window. The e-mail client is usable. I’ve tried to wean myself off of the Eudora habit many times over the years; the big E has been showing its age in many ways.