Health Kick: Diet is hard, let’s go shopping

Here are the basic rules I set out to follow when food shopping, in roughly descending order of importance: Aim for under 28g of sugar per day, excluding sugar in raw fruits and vegetables. Whole grain everything. Try to increase my fat intake towards the upper end of the recommended daily amount, so that food would taste better without sugar, have a lower glycemic load, and cut my hunger for longer.

Let’s talk about Butts

The local supermarket chain is H-E-B. They’ve been around for 100 years. If you look at the bottom of the web site, you’ll find out why they’re called H-E-B: Copyright 2001-2005, H.E. Butt Grocery Company Yes, H-E-B is H.E. Butt, founded by Florence Butt, and still owned by Butts today. Obviously I find this endlessly amusing. The generic products they sell are pretty good quality, so we buy them a lot.

Short, shameful confession

I just took 13 items through a “12 items or fewer” lane at Star Market. I could have sworn the “12 items or fewer” sign wasn’t there when I entered the lane… By the time I realized, there were two other people behind me, and there was no way to escape without drawing even more attention to the situation. They’re probably denouncing me right now.